news | March 18, 2020

What is known about COVID-19?
1. COVID-19 is a virus that can cause a severe respiratory illness in some individuals.
2. High-risk groups include older patients and those with pre-existing heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes.
3. Children tend to have milder symptoms.

What is known about COVID-19 and ALD?
1. There is currently no data to suggest that individuals with ALD are either more or less susceptible to COVID-19 or that COVID-19 can cause neurologic symptoms.
2. All serious illnesses, including COVID-19, can increase demand on the adrenal gland. To this end, it is important to adhere to routine screening for adrenal function as per current ALD standards of care. All patients should be sure to both understand and follow the individual guidance from their personal endocrinologist on how to properly manage adrenal function during acute illness as this will vary from patient to patient.

General means to prevent illness:
1. CDC offers basic hygiene tips to reduce the risk of infection.
2. Be sure to follow guidance from public health authorities at local, state, and federal level.
3. Maintain good basic health habits:
a. get sleep
b. stay hydrated
c. find healthy ways to manage your stress, and
d. steer clear of unproven health scams, some of which may be dangerous