Contact an ALD/AMN Expert

ALD Connect wants to make it easy for you to connect with a specialist.

Massachusetts General Hospital
(617) 643-2083
Neurologist: Florian Eichler MD
Specialties: AMN (adult), ALD (pediatric)

Stanford University – Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
(650) 723-0993
Neurologist: Keith Van Haren MD
Specialties: AMN (adult), ALD (pediatric)

The Kennedy Krieger Institute
Neurologist: Ali Fatemi, MD
Specialties: AMN (adult), ALD (pediatric)

University of Minnesota – ALD Comprehensive Clinic
Children: (612)-365-6777
Neurologist: Troy Lund, MD PhD (Blood and Marrow Transplant)
Specialties: ALD (pediatric), AMN (adult)

UMass Medical Center
Neurologist: Robert Brown, MD
Specialties: AMN (adult)

University of California, Los Angeles
Neurologist: Raman Sankar, MD PhD
Specialties: ALD (pediatric)

University of Michigan
Neurologist: John Fink MD
Specialties: AMN (adult), ALD (pediatric)

University of Utah(801)-587-7575
Neurologist: Josh Bonkowsky, MD PhD
Specialties: AMN (adult), ALD (pediatric)