Annual Meetings

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Annual meeting livestreams from 8am – 5pm Friday 11/8/19 (EST)
Patient Learning Academy livestreams from 8:30am – 5pm Saturday 11/9/19 (EST).



Every year, ALD Connect hosts an Annual Meeting that brings all ALD stakeholders together—patients, caregivers, patient advocates, clinician/researchers, and pharmaceutical companies—to present the latest developments in ALD research, clinical trial information, and patient perspectives, and to discuss how we can work together to advance new therapies with the goal of curing ALD.

ALD Connect Meeting 2018

November 2nd and 3rd, 2018 – Philadelphia, PA

Videos from the Annual Meeting

Welcome: Updates on ALD and AMN  (Florian Eichler)

Centers of Excellence Standards & Care Management (Adeline Vanverver)

LCN Clinical Practice Guidelines (Anna Grantham)

Newborn Screening Response and Long-Term Monitoring (Laura Adang)

Imaging Advances in AMN: Spinal Cord (Bela Turk)

Modeling Cerebral ALD Lesion Growth (Eric Mallack)

Expert Consensus Guidelines – A Transatlantic Approach (Marc Engelen)

Progress in Gene Therapy for ALD (Christine Duncan)

Risk & Rewards Stabilizing ALD With Transplant (Troy Lund)

Cord Blood Transplantation for Children (Vinod Prasad)

Understanding Dysfunction of the Blood-Brain Barrier in ALD (Patricia Musolino, Alexander Lenail)

Industry Panel (Cleland/Opheris, DeWitt/Deuterx-Poxel, Fortin/bluebird bio, Meya/Minoryx, Cromwell/Sanofi Genzyme)

2018 Patient Learning Academy videos can be viewed here.

ALD Connect Meeting 2017

November 17th and 18th, 2017 – Bethesda, MD

Videos from the Annual Meeting

Welcome: Introductions and Goals for 2017 Annual Meeting (Ali Fatemi)

The Therapeutic Landscape of ALD and AMN (Florian Eichler)

Clinical Trial Readiness for Rare Neurological Diseases: FDA and NIH Perspective (Devanand Jillapalli (FDA)  and Jill Morris (NIH)

The ALD Database and the Need for Translational Metabolism in Newborn Screening (Stephan Kemp)

Newborn Screening for ALD (Ann Moser and Elisa Seeger)

2017 ALD Connect Awards (Kailey Walsh)

Industry Panel: Updates on Trial Plans

Outreach and Advocacy for ALD (Jean Kelly)

Learning from Others: Patient Engagement Across Rare Disease (Ronald Bartek and Margie Frazier)

Group Brainstorm and Wish List for 2018 (Ben Lenail)