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ALD Connect Annual Meetings

Overview Every year, ALD Connect hosts an Annual Meeting that brings all ALD stakeholders together—patients, caregivers, patient advocates, clinician/researchers, and... [...]

ALD Connect Community Calls

Not everyone can make it to our Annual Meeting or a Patient Learning Academy. With that in mind, ALD Connect... [...]

ALD Connect Patient and Family Support Program

If you or your dependent has ALD or AMN, you may be eligible for financial assistance to pay costs associated... [...]

ALD Connect Patient Learning Academies

We host events (or a dedicate a day during the Annual Meeting) for patients and families. Experts in the field... [...]

ALD Connect Patient Portal

Who knows more about dealing with ALD better than you do? Volunteer your experiences with ALD and help researchers better... [...]

ALD Connect Webinars

Join a live, interactive webinar— a seminar accessed through the internet—that is free and can be accessed anywhere in the... [...]

Connect with Other Patients and Families

Leukodystrophy resources for patients & families Organization Purpose Website Location ALD-AMN Global Alliance Advocacy, research, and family support International... [...]

Educational Videos

What is ALD? Adrenoleukodystrophy explained. Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) Exercise Video Drawn to Science: Clinical Trials Young ALD Carriers: Our Stories [...]

Join ALD Connect

All members of the ALD community (patients, families, scientists, industry partners) are welcome to join ALD Connect. Here’s how you... [...]

Resources & Support

Learn more about our educational and support resources for those with ALD and their families. [...]