Who we are

ALD Connect is governed by an Executive Committee made up of twelve members. Each member brings a depth of experience and a unique perspective to the governance of ALD Connect. Our research activities are advised by an experienced Scientific Advisory Board.

Board of Directors:

Josh Bonkowsky, MD PhD – ALD/AMN Clinician-Scientist, University of Utah, UT
Brian Chandler, Esq. – ALD/AMN Patient Advocate, based in Austin, TX
Florian Eichler, MD – ALD/AMN Clinician-Scientist, Harvard/Mass General Hospital, MA
Jen Farmer – MS, CGC – ALD/AMN Patient Advocate
Ali Fatemi, MD – ALD/AMN Clinician-Scientist, Kennedy Krieger Institute, MD
Stephan Kemp, PhD – ALD/AMN Scientist, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Ben Lenail – ALD Connect Business Strategy Officer, based in Palo Alto, CA
Troy Lund, MD PhD – ALD/AMN Clinician-Scientist, University of Minnesota, MN
Kathleen O’Sullivan-Fortin, Esq – ALD/AMN Advocate, based in Boston, MA
Amber Salzman, PhD – ALD/AMN Advocate, StopALD Foundation
Alex Sherman – Clinical Database Specialist, Harvard/Mass General Hospital, MA
Keith Van Haren MD – ALD/AMN Clinician-Scientist, Stanford University, CA