Take Action

It’s Time to Take Some Action

We cannot improve the lives of patients and families affected by ALD/AMN without the involvement of concerned, invested, and dedicated individuals and institutions. From the smallest wish to the grandest vision, the success of ALD Connect and organizations like it ultimately rests on the shoulders of people who are willing to work together and carry the mission forward. Continue reading to find out about some of the ways you can get involved.

Make a Financial Contribution

Donating helps to move promising research forward. Donations make it possible to sustain ongoing trials and to develop newer trials. Consider donating today! Make a contribution.

Become an ALD Connect Member

Join the research institutions, hospitals, and clinics that have access to top notch collaboration, networking opportunities, and resources. Apply for membership. All are welcome to join our email list.

Post Your Trial in the ALD Connect Database

Even if membership is out of the question, we welcome you to develop and maintain a working relationship with ALD Connect by requesting to post your research in our searchable clinical trials database. By doing so, you are not only finding an additional venue to promote your work, you are further aiding rapid advances that will affect people with ALD/AMN. Post a Trial

Enroll in a Clinical Trial

By taking part in a clinical trial, you are contributing to improved health care for everyone living with ALD/AMN. Enrollment is contingent upon the willing spirit of caregivers and people living with ALD/AMN. Healthy volunteers are being sought as well. Together, we can work to discover effective treatments.

Ask a Question

Have a question about ALD Connect, clinical trials, and/or ALD/AMN? Get in touch with an ALD Connect staff member. Improved understanding can be the first step towards your decision to get involved. Contact Us