Clinicians and Scientist

The ALD Connect Tissue Biobank

As part of ALD Connect’s mission to accelerate the process of scientific discovery and understanding around the ALD/AMN disease process, the organization has established a centralized database of de-identified tissue samples (e.g. whole blood, PBMCs, serum, plasma, CSF, fibroblasts, lymphoblasts) for the purposes of promoting collaboration, efficiency, and progress towards a cure.

To discuss sample availability and scientific collaboration, please contact our sample database administrators at Please put the phrase “Tissue Biobank Inquiry” in the subject line.

All proposed collaborators must be members of an established research university, institution, or company.  Prior to transfer of samples, the collaborators must (1) submit proof of institutional IRB, (2) MTA approval, and (3) the research proposal must be approved by the ALD Connect scientific board.